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Embracing the Human Spirit

"This year was my first year to attend one of your shows. I was so moved by the performance of the Laughing Feet community. How wonderful to give all people the opportunity to participate in the arts, in whatever way they choose. What a wonderful endeavor! It truly embraces the meaning of the human spirit."

–Ginny Goen, Audience Member

A Family Of Love

"Laughing Feet is a family which is made up and surrounded by unconditional love that disregards ones ability level and seeks only to expose the beauty and heart of the individual. The Laughing Feet family inspires me to be the best person I can be, as well as inspires me to always seek the beauty in others. I owe the person I have become to my Laughing Feet family."

–Tori Eck, Laughing Feet Staff Member

I Love To Cheerlead On Stage

"My favorite part is the girls’ song. I love to cheerlead on stage. All my best friends are in Laughing Feet."

–Courtney Logan, Special Education Participant

I Wish It Could Go On Longer

"Laughing feet is an amazing activity and organization!! I loved every minute of it and wish that it went on longer than it did! It means a lot to the kids and makes it that much more special! Thank you Jenny for making it such a great experience for me!"

–Gavin Myers, Regular Education Participant

Divas Will Be Divas

"I like to dance and be funny with my divas."

–Lindsay Goertz, Regular Education Participant